Does your Team have what it takes? Get in the game with Cross-Account Competition

This is the release that you have been waiting on! Great minds think alike, and all of us here at Scoreboard Buzz agreed with those of you who asked for a way to compete with people outside your own Scoreboard account. That was the beginning, and Cross-Account Competition is the final result that we are now proud to release to all of you!

This brand new, cutting-edge feature is unlike anything available on any other tracking platform and gives you the opportunity to send challenges to anyone, anywhere inviting them to a showdown game with you on Scoreboard Buzz. This is huge! It means that no matter how big or small your sales team is, you can have infinite competition to match them against head-to-head.

Coaches all know that only facing the same competition day after day can eventually let a feeling of stagnation settle over a team, but not anymore. Now your whole sales team can benefit from new and changing competition to always keep them on their toes and performing their best. And if you yourself are a sales member, then matching your numbers against another strong team member from a different office is one of the best ways to really amp up your motivation.

There’s no substitute for competition to add spice and intensity to the daily grind, and now Scoreboard Buzz provides you with everything you need to make that happen on a more sprawling scale than every before! Want to find out more? You can find out how to start a cross-account game, learn how challenging works, and even more in our Help section on Buzz University.

If you have any other questions about our new feature, or would like help setting up a gam, just let us know at and we’d love to help you out!

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