We Can Fix That! – Problems Scoreboard Buzz Can Solve

Small business owners, or leaders of any type of sales team, use tracking systems like Scoreboard Buzz for various reasons. Maybe you just want to have a better understanding and more control of what your team is doing. Maybe your sales leader or a colleague recommended it. Or maybe you are experiencing a few of the common issues that most sales coaches will have with their teams at one point or another. Here are are a few of the issues that we hear most frequently mentioned by coaches we work with, and how Scoreboard Buzz can help to solve them.

  • First, most coaches want to motivate their team. Maybe you feel like your team isn’t working hard enough – or like they are working really hard, but you still aren’t seeing the results you want.
    1. The key, very often, is not to work harder, but to work smarter. One of the primary keys to motivation is to make sure your team knows the goal. You, as the coach, have to clearly define what a “win” is, so they know at the end of the day if they have “won” or if they need to work harder. This is an important source of a built-in reward/pain motivation structure. If you have defined what a successful versus not successful day looks like for your team members, then the hard workers keep up their morale by winning consistently, and those who might be slacking off are obvious.
    2. Solution #2 goes straight back to the 4 Disciplines of Execution – which a lot of you may be familiar with, and suggests that when you set your goals, make sure your employees have some part in that. If they feel like you just pulled a bunch of numbers out of a hat and tossed them on a Scoreboard – and especially if those numbers feel too far outside of what they can actually achieve in a day – that isn’t motivating. That’s confusing and disheartening. You want your team to take some ownership in the goals you have set so they feel more personal motivation to achieve them.
    3. The 3rd key to motivation is to create competition. If you set up a player competition game in Scoreboard, players get excitement and energy and pride from winning, and an increased motivation to go do it again. That person who ended the week in last place will feel a natural sense of discomfort and embarrassment that should give them an increased impulse to work harder next time.
  • A second big thing that coaches are having issues with is that they know the results they want, but don’t have a good roadmap for getting there.
    1. You can’t just expect your team to magically go from a to z. Scoreboard Buzz was designed to help you focus on the important activities that get you the results you want. Your players may not always be able to control the number of policies they are getting a day. But they can control activities like making calls, setting up appointments, and having important conversations. And consistently completing the right activities will start to net them results. Your role as a coach is to define those money-making activities and set them for your team to achieve. It may take a little more legwork on your part, you you get to map their route to success.
  • And the final problem we’ll address in this post is that coaches can’t get their team to use an accountability/tracking tool on a regular basis.
    1. The first response to this is be sure you are focusing attention on the Scoreboard and using it as a gauge of your team’s activity. Most successful Scoreboard coaches hold regular quick meetings where they focus on what is showing on the Scoreboard, and encourage their team to verbalize ways can make sure to achieve the office goals by the end of the day.
    2. Put the Scoreboard in a central location so that everyone can see if players are winning or losing. The good news is, we make this easy through our Amazon Fire Stick App. Having that scoreboard on a TV in an obvious location is a visual reminder of its importance, and will naturally reward the team members who are putting up the scores, and be a source of discomfort for those who aren’t.
    3. And finally, you can help by consistently reminding your players what is expected of them. Even when you are out of the office, you can still be looking at the Scoreboard using our App and reminding the team to stay on the ball.

A few more things are important to mention. We’ve given you tips for engaging your team, but motivation alone won’t keep you on track, because that motivation just won’t be there every day. Sometimes your team just needs to understand that discipline is what they need to complete those activites you’re requiring. But you have to be the one to coach them on that, which means that you have to also focus on how you can better yourself as a coach, not just tips for bettering your team.

Now is the time to focus on improvement, and not the time to look for excuses why your office isn’t maybe on track the way you’d like. We get a number of coaches that call or email us to cancel their accounts and say, “Hey, we really loved your product and we think it’s great. But I just can’t get my team to use it.” What you are telling me is not that you have a stubborn team, but that you haven’t been able to coach your team into the actions you feel will lead to success.

Building a wining environment in your office doesn’t happen overnight – and it has to involve you and your team working together. That’s why Scoreboard Buzz is here to help you be the best coach you can. We are a partner for you and your business – not just another sales tracker – and we can give you the tools you need as a leader to help your team succeed. A great place to start is following us on social media, and keeping up with our blog for coaching tips and inspiration. Use the princicples behind Scoreboard Buzz to help you hold accountability and improve yourself as a strong and responsible coach, at the same time as you build a strong and motivated team.

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