Make Hay While the Sun Shines?

If you live anywhere in or around farming country, you know the expression “Make Hay while the Sun Shines.” It is one of those idioms that came into use due to being exactly true, and the meaning being obvious for anyone familiar with hay. Though it may seem odd to those whose only association with hay is occasionally seeing big loads of round bales go down the interstate on flatbeds.

What it essentially means is that in some things you have to take advantage of opportunities when they come around. Freshly cut grass cannot dry into hay without the aid of the sun, and baling less than dry hay leads to mold and all other types of negative effects. Sunshine is essential to putting up the tens of thousands of tons of hay, perhaps more, that feeds the countries horses and cattle over the winter. Especially the five month winters that plague the northern parts of the country.

Whether we realize it or not, many of us follow this same mantra in our everyday lives. We take opportunities as they arise, if we are alert enough to seize them. Sometimes, this may mean recognizing an open door even when the timing does not seem perfect, and having the acumen and decisiveness to recognize it and take it, even though all the circumstances may not be perfect. Depending on the weather, hay might be cut a bit under mature, or let to grow over mature. The weather gap – the sunshine – cannot be squandered for a few more growing days, or stalks that will be a little bit more tender.

For your business, this might mean training your service team to spot opportunities when they are helping customers with day-to-day changes and concerns. The opportunity to add on another policy, or help the customers get extra coverage where they might need it. This might not be always comfortable or easy for them. But training your employees to recognize and seize all business opportunities is part of developing a successful and stable business. This is a common practice and training point for sales people, but it should be a common training point for all members of a business, because opportunities for more sales and better relationships with customers are everywhere if your team members know how to spot them.

Of course the other side of the coin is that in sales, one can only take this philosophy to a certain point. If your sales people and service people just sat around just waiting for sales to come knocking on the door, your business wouldn’t be very profitable. As this quote says:

Scoreboard Buzz can be a great asset to help your team learn to grasp opportunities and build doors where there aren’t any at first. Because you can completely customize your trackables, you can set up items that indicate opportunities to your team members – conversations you expect them to have. Important pivots you expect them to make. You might not be able to anticipate every opportunity, but you can certainly track them and coach each of your employees on how to seize and maximize on them, and create them when necessary.

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